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Tracey Neuls' Marylebone shoe shop will transform into a bedroom interior, with a designer Matthew Hilton bed to set the scene. Blending functions of shop and bedroom, narratives about the different furniture and personal items will be published daily with a series of guest "Pillow Talks"

Shoe designer Tracey Neuls combines the worlds of design, architecture, art and fashion. In conjunction with London Design Festival 2017, we launch her new Autumn / Winter collection.

Tracey Neuls locations are more than just shops, they have become destinations of their own. Renowned for celebrating the experience, immersive and out-of-the-ordinary installations are created inside each shop to present Neuls’ beautifully crafted footwear designs.

Previous installations have seen Neuls' shops transform into themes of theatre, restaurant, gardens and classrooms. For London Design Festival 2017, the inside of Tracey Neuls’ Marylebone will become a bedroom interior, celebrating one of the most intimate and private spaces in our homes.

A King Size McQueen bed by the British modern furniture designer Matthew Hilton, crafted by De la Espada is situated in the middle of the room, where customers can sit and try on their shoes. The beautiful bed sheets and throws are from The Linen Works. Above the bed and in the space of a dreaming mind, Tracey’s Autumn Winter’17 collection will hang from the ceiling, Neuls’ signature and trademark display. The shop will be decorated with a specially selected range of furniture and personal items to set the scene. An iconic Michael Anastassiades lamp will glow through the night, so that passersby can peep through the shop’s windows.

Narratives relating to the different items will be featured daily, with a series of "Pillow Talks” from a variety of special guests.
Fittingly, Tracey Neuls have also designed their first home-footwear collection, a range of shearling slippers, available in different colours.

Audio of phone conversations made in bed will be played through the shop’s radio and available to listen online.

Tracey Neuls’ Bedroom Invitation will launch for London Design Festival (September 16th) and continue through to December 2017.

To read more about designer Matthew Hilton, Michael Anastassiades and to see how the exhibition evolves please visit:

For bedroom conversations and collaborations please email:

Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls is a vital force in contemporary footwear design and known as 'the designers designer.' In a market saturated by sameness, Neuls always breaks the mould and presents something unique and intriguing.

The way Neuls designs is getting rarer. She's doesn't simply choose components off a factory shelf, she designs every detail herself. All toe shapes and sculptural heels are signature to her. Bridging the gap between art and design, her footwear is conceptual yet wearable and for the past 16 years has succeeded in designing shoes that are comfortable and beautiful, two elements that aren't always found together.

'Good design is something you feel as much as you see' - Tracey Neuls

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