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We're opening our doors to explore printing artwork direct to substrates from concrete to glass - providing new possibilities for furniture design & interior decoration, & ChromaLuxe prints - which offer unparalleled durability for artwork with resistance against water, fire, chemicals & abrasion.

We believe that beautiful images and inspiring interiors go hand in hand.

For almost 20 years we’ve produced archival, durable and beautiful artwork for photographers, artists, galleries and interiors to enhance the finest commercial and domestic premises.

As part of London Design Festival we’ll be opening our doors to explore printing artwork direct to substrates that range from concrete to glass. The session will focus on Direct to Media UV printing, which provides new possibilities for furniture design and interior decoration, and ChromaLuxe Fine Art Printing which offers unparalleled durability for high-traffic and climatically challenging environments.

Together we’ll explore how artwork can be printed to wood, metal, glass and acrylic, amongst others, and look at the future of printing – producing prints that are water, fire, chemical and abrasion resistant.

We’ll be inviting interior designers in to see first-hand the mechanics of these processes and to explore together just what’s possible for interior design artwork production. Alongside a live-demo of each process, there will be refreshments and opportunities to network. Each participant will be able to order a no-obligation test of their work on a substrate of their choice (subject to availability).

Individual and group appointments available daily. Please email to book your place.

Open evening 20th September, 6:30 – 8pm

Agate art ©Natalia Higgins

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