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Influenced by the Adam Curtis documentary – Hypernormalisation,
Reflections Brixton holds up a mirror to reflect echo our behaviour and
environment. It is an interactive installation that takes us through the
looking glass of perspective, turning passive passers by into active

Hypernormalized is an interactive installation that will turn passive passers-by into
participants by encouraging them to take random or staged pictures of their reflected
surroundings. The piece references the 2016 documentary
by Adam Curtis, which argues that governments and financiers have given up on the
complex "real world" and built a "fake world" , run by corporations and kept stable by
politicians. Amid the controversy over gentrification in Brixton, I want people to reflect on their
surroundings. To enter the competition, they will simply post their photographs of the
Hypernormalized mirror to #ReflectionsBrixton. The best will win a limited
edition Bowie Bolt Mirror.

Jo Gibbs

Jo Gibbs work focuses on the overlap between craft, art and design. She is particularly interested in how values are placed on an object or art piece depending on its function or the lack of it. Using my experience in textile design and working with wood, metal, stone, glass, ceramic, mirror, leather and slates, I make original art pieces and up-cycle furniture. From my studio in Stockwell, I create bespoke works for architects and interior designers, as well as private clients.

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