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ROOTS GROW LOVE installation is a striking reclaimed wooden structure containing plants, designed by UpCircle in collaboration with Loughborough Farm and put together by volunteers from the community and various associations. It celebrates the joy of growing plants and the love for our planet.

Loughborough Farm is a community project created in 2013 and growing food in Loughborough Junction (LJ). This year is an exciting time for the farm as it will be redesigned to take its place at the heart of LJ Works; a new co-designed community workspace.

The re-development will mean that plants, pots and all manner of farm materials will need to be moved and re-purposed. UpCircle Ltd, with Loughborough Farm used these elements to design a structure that represents the spirit of the farm, it is a symbol of the values the farm engenders and shares with the public who will experience what the community can build together. The structure is shaped using wooden boxes, made out of recycled timber and inside each box a loving plant is strategically placed. Carefully chosen colours were used to paint certain areas of the structure, and to highlight other equipment within the farm.

This INTERACTIVE installation, motivates visitors to express love for gardening and connection with the community. We encourage everyone from the community and all visitors to share What does love mean to you? The most inspiring 100 sentences will be REWARDED with a piece of our CHERISHED GARDEN.

Tell us What does love mean to you? The best sentences will be rewarded with a ROOTS GROW LOVE pot. Visit and fill up the form with your sentence.

For latecomers, you may still have a chance to win your pot by just dropping by the farm during the festival.

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