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Paving the Way by 198 Contemporary Arts invites young creatives to reflect the wisdom of their elders. Taking inspiration from multimedia research project ‘Voices from the Front Line’. Key sites in Brixton will feature iconographic pavement designs under the ‘Love is Power’ theme.

“Paving The Way” is a youth takeover that offers young creatives a unique way to express themselves and acknowledge the inspirational voices of those who have come before them. The installation refers to Voices from the Front Line, a multimedia arts and oral history research project initiated by Dr. Sireita Mullings-Lawrence in collaboration with 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning. The installation will be based at three locations along Brixton’s historic front line at Brixton Advice Centre at 167 Railton Road, 198 Railton Road and will culminate at the Black Cultural Archives in Windrush Square.


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