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Paul Cocksedge has created over one hundred 3D sculptures to form a typographic forest of names. These represent the 104 individuals diagnosed with blood cancer every day.

Over one hundred three-dimensional letterform sculptures gather together in Paternoster square, forming a typographic forest of names. This installation represents the 104 individuals that are diagnosed with blood cancer every day,[1] raising awareness and shining a light on their experiences. Each of these monolithic pieces symbolises one of these people, sized perfectly to match each individual's height and recreating their name in huge vertically placed letters.

The sculptures are arranged to reflect the patterns that occur when people gather in crowds, and set in a recurring typeface that emphasises their shared experiences. This piece represents the individuals around the UK that are diagnosed with blood cancer, exposing their individual stories and, on closer inspection, revealing itself as more than just an object of intrigue.

Every 14 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer. [1] This project, crafted by Paul Cocksedge, marks the launch of the Make Blood Cancer Visible campaign, sponsored by Janssen UK and endorsed by nine blood cancer patient support groups which aim to raise awareness of blood cancer across the UK during September (Blood Cancer Awareness Month).

[1] Bloodwise. Facts and information about blood cancer. Available at [Last Accessed June 2017]


Janssen UK, Bloodwise, Myeloma UK, Lymphoma Association, Waldenstrom UK, Leukaemia Care, Anthony Nolan, CLL Support Association, MDS UK Patient Group Support and CML Support

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