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Discover imagined futures that challenge and inspire at LCC’s Uncertainty Playground. How can design address the uncertainties we currently face? Explore potential futures in an exhibition that includes theme-park style zones, eco-social collaborative interventions, makerspaces and a living archive.

Consisting of four shows, ‘Uncertainty Playground’ considers the role of critical practice and design research in exploring how design can define, address and make meaning from current uncertainties and ambiguities.

Provoking discourse around how technology and society shape each other and our future, ‘Possible/Probable Worlds’ presents five potential futures in the form of theme-park style ‘zones’. A consultative research project, ‘S*Park’ explores eco-social futures via a series of community and collaborative design interventions at Elephant Park and LCC, while ‘FutureMakers’ creates a platform for debate around making and using uncertainty as a form of enquiry within the context of a co-created makerspace. Enter ‘Room 2084’ to discover a living archive, stimulating discussion around how and why we preserve the past and present for future generations.

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