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Open Studio

Brazilian born artist designer David Elia is pleased to announce his Open Studio during London Design Festival. David will be showcasing his relevant work that is inspired by current events in Brazil as well as worldwide such as the environment, security and social issues.

Brazilian born artist David Elia has just opened his showroom in the heart of London on Lexington Street in Soho. Having only been opened three months David is already in The Francois Pinault Collection, Sir Elton John's, Paula Cussi , The MAD Museum of New York, The Musée des Arts Décoratifs and many other prominent collections.

David Elia has received critical acclaim in a variety of projects. He spearheads a new movement of creative hybrid professionals who offer innovative works, which mix the best of contemporary art and design.

Elia’s work combines gambiarra, a Portuguese word that refers to a makeshift problem-solving style common to Brazil, generally necessitated by or alluding to a lack of tools and inspired by a tradition of resourcefulness as well as upcycling and Post-Minimalist tendencies. Additionally, much of Elia’s work addresses issues within Brazilian society, such as violence, security, drug trafficking, poor urban infrastructure and environmental degradation that have actually turned globally relevant.

David also draws upon Cultural hybridization, the blending of elements from different cultures. “I feel that without cultural hybridization, the world we live in would not be anywhere near as interesting and integrated as it is today. By studying this phenomenon through iconography and material culture we can better understand how the melting pot of cultures from Europe, Africa and Asia shaped modern day Brazil as well as other countries worldwide.”

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