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Beautility is the fusion of the beautiful and the useful; the meeting in London of two designers and two artists from Brazil, united by their desire to create works that propose a purpose for art that transcends beauty, and a significance for utilitarian objects that sustain lifetimes of pleasure.

Jader Almeida is one of Brazil's most internationally respected and highly awarded designers. He created the Clad Line inspired by fluid, biomorphic Cycladic art which brings lightness and grace. Beautility also presents the award - winning Mia Chair, with its thoughtful balance of proportions, its twists and chamfered edges that seem to exceed the limit of the wood's resistance. First introduced to furniture making at the age of 16, Almeida has stayed faithful to his beginnings in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, saying: "I seek to create products with durable values. I approach the masters' inheritance, but look forward, thinking that today's choices will be reflected tomorrow. "

Gisela Bentes Simas, Founder of OPD (Original Practical Design) is having a phenomenal year, with stand-out shows at Milan Design Week, Venice Design Bienalle, and Paris Auction. For Beautility she presents ten objects - four of them specially designed for this occasion. Among them is the Marcela Dressing table, a signature piece combining Scandinavian design and interactivity. For Bentes-Simas, touch is fundamental: “When you cut the tree, the wood is alive. And it never loses its beauty or usefulness. It never loses its roots, its history.” Based in London, the OPD style can be summarised as: timeless, meticulous, balanced and functional.

Luiz Aquila has been at the forefront of Brazilian painting for 50 years. Exhibition highlights include: The 17th Venice Biennale, the 18th, 19th and 20th Sao Paulo International Biennials, the exhibition of large works at the Museum of Modern Art, Rio in 1992, the three simultaneous exhibitions in Sao Paulo in 1993, and “Back in the UK” at Gallery 32, London, in 2002. His recent retrospective at the Paço Imperial Museum, Rio, the 2013 book “Luiz Aquila – A Never Ending Tour” and 2016 documentary “Aquila-Luiz” by Luiz Carlos Lacerda mean his work is as relevant as ever. Nicknamed “The Father of generation '80” for nurturing the artists that came to international prominence during his directorship of the EAV Art School in the '90s, Luiz Aquila still paints daily in his studio in Petrópolis, near Rio. “Painting is form and content and motive at the same time...The colour is a bit like the rhythm in a song.”

Julia Miranda is the daughter of two painters, Luiz Aquila and Liz Miranda, and has exhibited in London, Rio, New York, Barcelona and Munich. She has a studio in the East End, and with two solo exhibitions in Rio in the last 6 years – Paço Imperial Museum, 2011 and Patricia Costa in 2015 and her presence here at Sala Brasil, her ties with Brazil remain strong. This year she was chosen as Guest Artist at the APT group show, is in the travelling exhibition The Mothership, and exhibiting at Home From Home Gallery, Munich. "A personal history of transition between Brazil and England is present in my work. I can obliquely investigate themes such as places and memories, and use my paintings as a sort of visual diary.”

The award-winning Anglo-Brazilian singer and producer Nina Miranda has created the sound design for this event. Her first solo album Freedom of Movement has just been released to great acclaim: “Nina Miranda celebrates connections. Forging resistance through creation, she sketches new possibilities and imagined musical geographies.” Saatchi Magazine. “The album’s free-spirited sunniness conceals complex emotional undercurrents” WIRED Magazine. “..revels in experimentation, but doesn’t shy away from embracing tradition. It’s Miranda building bridges between cultures.” Bandcamp Weekly. “Iconic ... a Trip Hop luminary” Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio.

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