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The Art of Up-cycling
Shaun Brownell, the genius behind the RhubarbLondon collection, is an artist whose medium is up-cycled upholstery. He uses anything from a military jacket, a Crombie overcoat, a Harris Tweed jacket to a lady’s two-piece costume to create his extraordinary furniture pieces.

The Art of Up-cycling
RhubarbLondon is delighted at debuting at the LDF its eclectic collection of furniture.
RhubarbLondon has been trading from its showroom in central London and its website (www.Rhubarblondon.com) for a year and has received wide press coverage as well as outstanding reviews.
So to have the opportunity of introducing the professional design fraternity to RhubarbLondon’s catalogue, is something we relish. We also make bespoke pieces and, when asked, will use the client’s chair and/or uniform to personalise the piece.
Shaun Brownell, the genius behind the collection, is an artist whose medium is up-cycled upholstery. He uses anything from a military jacket, a Crombie overcoat, a Harris Tweed jacket to a lady’s two piece costume to create his extraordinary pieces.
Passionate about traditional trades and maintaining classical upholstery techniques, Shaun thinks beyond the obvious, creating pieces of unique furniture as an art form that subtly reveal the history of the piece. As a committed recycler, Shaun rebuffs against our ‘throwaway’ society, taking the time to consider the materials he’s using and up-cycling at every opportunity. This means that Shaun will never reproduce a chair; each piece is entirely original.
A creative flair passed down from his mother encouraged this self-taught designer to be different from the rest, combining his passion for traditional trades with an unrivalled support for non-mass produced furniture. Shaun’s ethos is to think behind and beyond the obvious, resulting in unique furniture designs that reveal a piece of history alongside a captivating narrative.
Trained as an aeronautical engineer, Shaun was taught to repair, restore and recreate rather than replace, and has turned this talent into designing and patterning these highly original pieces. Shaun’s chairs are not only a comfortable seat but also a work of art. They are “conversation” pieces like no other.
To coincide with London Design Festival, RhubarbLondon has a pop up shop at the Marylebone Gallery, 25 Devonshire Street, London W1G 6PQ which is open from Sunday 10th September to Sunday 24th September. We all hope that you might be able to find the time to drop by and see us. Otherwise, please check out our website.



Introducing RhubarbLondon, creators and manufacturers of eclectic, handcrafted furniture. At the heart of every RhubarbLondon design lies its distinctive upholstery, sourced from original archives by the brand’s founder and head creative, Shaun Brownell.

Proudly crafted in Britain, each individual piece embodies a slice of history, blending rare fabrics and antique uniforms with exquisitely applied upholstery techniques to create truly unique designs. RhubarbLondon’s team of expert tailors, seamstresses and leather workers ensure that when you purchase a RhubarbLondon chair, you can be certain that you’re acquiring a one-off piece of furniture.

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