Double Space for BMW - Precision & Poetry in Motion




V&A Commission

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby collaborated with BMW to create a remarkable and memorable experience in the V&A’s Raphael Gallery.

Fascinated by the themes of movement and the perception of space, multi-disciplinary designers Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby devised an immersive, kinetic sculpture in conjunction with BMW that distorted the viewer’s sense of perspective as they viewed the Raphael Cartoons on display at the V&A, as well as the architecture of the room they were standing in.

“The installation is intended to be a true experience – it will amaze the visitor and enable them to appreciate the space in a totally new way, the visitor becomes part of the room for a fleeting moment,” they said. “Through movement and reflections, the static display of the paintings are brought to life while inviting the viewer and the gallery to be part of the performance.”

Two revolving reflective structures, suspended in the centre of the gallery, provided an ever-changing view, at once disorientating and captivating. This feat of engineering, equally subtle and breath-taking in its approach, chimed perfectly with the technological innovation and precision that supporters BMW pride themselves in. Exploring themes of movement, experience and form, Barber & Osgerby revealed a deep-rooted interest in the science and history of aerospace, automotive and maritime manufacturing; echoing the monumental exhibits of the Victorian era, filling the vast space whilst simultaneously appearing invisible and weightless.

“We wanted to give the V&A its own huge exhibit – to compete with the blue whale at the Natural History Museum and the space rockets at the Science Museum,” they explained. “We also intended to challenge the idea of scale – exploring a new scale that enables us to design an installation that entirely fills the room while still celebrating the Raphael Cartoons.”

Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles said that “We are passionate about the aesthetics of motion, an experience which BMW Design translates into technical precision and poetic meaning. Barber & Osgerby reflect the design philosophy of the BMW brand in a kinetic installation: with its unusual dimensions, Double Space for BMW opens up new perspectives within the V&A’s Raphael Gallery while at the same time forging an alluring union of past and present.”

London Design Festival at the V&A

The London Design Festival at the V&A

For 2017, the Festival will continue its unique collaboration with the world’s leading Museum of art, design and performance. As the central hub location for the London Design Festival for the eighth year, the V&A will again house a broad range of commissioned activity which will be spread throughout the Museum and include installations, events, talks and workshops.

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