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The Design Museum’s annual Designers in Residence programme provides a platform to celebrate new and emerging designers at an early stage in their career. The Designers in Residence responding to this year’s brief on identity are Adam Nathaniel Furman, Eunhee Jo, Chloe Meineck and Thomas Thwaites.

'This year, the Designers in Residence 2013 programme will be based on an exploration of how design in any field can be used to convey, to create, or to reflect a sense of identity.' Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum.

ADAM NATHANIEL FURMAN | Adam will explore the concept of identity in ‘our globalised mass culture which at times can be a confusing and unstable’ and presents his findings through blogs, objects and film. His blog, Identity Parade, will chart the development of Adam's residency at the Design Museum.

EUNHEE JO | Eunhee’s research looks at the surface quality of things. During her residency Eunhee will develop new surfaces made of fabric or paper which will be embedded with technology. Eunhee will use this embedded material to create a light and Hi-Fi system that offer new possible encounters with what we regard as everyday items and in doing so creating new aesthetic possibilities.

CHLOE MEINECK | Chloe will develop a memory box to be used by people suffering with dementia or memory loss. Seeking to create an alternative therapy for patients Chloe's memory box can be used by individuals and the families of those who have a confused or fading sense of personal memory and identity.

THOMAS THWAITES | Thomas will explore how the collating of personal information from the internet could be used to inform people about themselves and their own identity. Thomas will develop an interactive webpage that will act like a ‘self-help book’ and may aid people to make some choice changes about their personality and identity.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Join the curator for a tour of the Designers in Residence exhibition Sunday 15 September, 1.30pm. Free with museum entry, no advance booking but places are limited.

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