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Launch of a new jewellery collection - by leading designers from graphic, furniture, jewellery, product, architecture, interior, textile and industrial design disciplines.

Eiger will launch with a debut jewellery collection after inviting designers from a broad range of design fields – from architecture to textile design – to work mainly outside their usual mediums to design pieces for the collection.

Co-founded and design directed by Terence Woodgate RDI, Eiger will be working with an evolving roster of leading global designers to create evocative and progressive design-led products that push material and aesthetic boundaries.

Designers forming Eiger’s debut collection:

Tomoko Azumi, Furniture, lighting, product designer
Mike Dempsey, Graphic designer
Chiara Ferrari, Interior designer
Sir Kenneth Grange, Industrial designer
Ben Kelly, Interior designer
Sally Mackereth, Architect
Michael Marriott, Exhibition designer, curator, writer
Hannah Martin, Jewellery designer
Alexander Taylor, Furniture, lighting, product designer
Georgina von Etzdorf, Textile designer
Terence Woodgate, Furniture, lighting, product designer
Sebastian Wrong, Sculptor and furniture designer



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