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by Festival's Feet on the Street



The Building Centre puts the spotlight on alternative, more planet friendly ways of building architecture.

With the construction industry producing an equivalent of three times the amount of waste compare to UK households, of which only half is being recycled, the construction industry as we know it needs to change for the better.

The Building Centre has a range of recycling, environmental and construction related projects on display as part of London Design Festival.

The main installation, The Circular Building created by Arup, Frener & Reifer, BAM and The Built Environment Trust, provides an economical and waste free solution to normal construction. Not only is the exterior made from recycled/recyclable materials but the interior focuses on unconventional materials that could also be used to aid construction, such as old jeans and mushrooms.

One of the guides at the exhibit spoke to us about the concept “The circular buildings are quick to build, are able to cut out noise and easily maintain temperature inside the building. It is a perfect solution to building houses in a busy city like London. With America already using the strategy, I believe that in the next few years it will be implemented across London.”

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Written by Mizuki Matsui
Edited by Rosie Howe

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