Smile Plastics - A New Normal


by Design Products RCA



Featuring Smile Plastics, A New Normal is the upcoming exhibition at Machines Room during LDF, which asks how could products be made in a world beyond mass-production? All participants are pioneering new ways of making today; establishing a ‘new normal’ where manufacturing is redistributed and mass means ‘by the masses’ not en-masse.

One of the contributors is Smile Plastics, a materials design studio making exquisite handcrafted panels from waste materials. Smile transforms a range of different mass manufacturing waste streams, such as yoghurt pots and plastic bottles, into unique decorative panels for the architecture and design market. Their materials have been used in wide ranging applications, from small products to large scale installations in both residential and commercial premises.
Visit the exhibition to learn more about how Smile Plastics is helping to turn waste materials into highly desirable design features:
Discover the full exhibition program for A New Normal here:

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