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Smile Plastics

Posted on: 17 Oct 2016

Meet Smile Plastics, an inspiration to Fix Our City with their amazing recycled plastic designs!

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As we look back on Machines Room's exhibition Fix Our City, we thought we should mention Smile Plastics, who were collaborated with exhibition contributors Opendesk to make exquisite furniture. They also ran fascinating workshops during the exhibition!

Smile Plastics is also the inspiring creator of the recycled plastic image used for Fix Our City, chosen for how it represents the exhibition's ethos of combining sustainability, circular economy, and great design! Smile Plastics makes specialist handmade decorative panels from recycled plastics. Each panel is unique, made from a range of waste plastics sources, and arranged by hand onto the frame. Our products have inspired designers all over the world.

Smile Plastics also participated in the London Design Festival! Find out more here:

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