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by Festival's Feet on the Street



South East Makers Club is LDFs answer to a humble magnitude of incredibly talented makers, each projecting their own twist on functional yet delicate pieces of art.

From Saturday until Sunday 25th September, visitors can go on a journey through South East London to discover pockets of beautifully crafted talent emerging from the leafy, creative district. You will be spoilt for choice in terms of activities, including a super fun Designers’ Pub Quiz, hosted by local quizmaster Tom O’Dell at The Nines in Peckham. What better way to end London Design Festival than with a large glass of red? Don’t mind if I do! 

In other news, I highly recommend starting your makers journey in Brockley, at Simple Shape; a beautifully curated abundance of hand crafted pottery, from potters Jono Smart and Luke Eastop. Their work is displayed beautifully in a white walled studio, tucked away at the top of a path in Ashby Mews; a quiet leafy residential area. On entry, Jono’s ‘potter recipes’ delicately take over the wall, outlining a clear design process and showcasing the stunningly simple earthy tones he achieves in his work. A beautiful, tactile transition from light to dark, places emphasis on texture, tone and form. A little further into the exhibit, Luke’s colourful, curvaceous pottery pieces happily make a loud statement, complimented with smaller more unique pieces, revelling in stark personalities. The skill involved in both individuals work is remarkable, to say the least.   

While I was digesting the beautiful pieces of work on display, a very cheerful Helen Osgerby emerged from the entrance of the studio, and informed me that she has been actively involved in the South East London Makers Trail. Beaming with an infectious passion for the event, she emphasises how important it is to recognise the amount of astounding makers South East London currently contains. This element of LDF may not be located in an iconic gallery, but it certainly carries the same creative weight; indeed, a thriving pocket of incredibly hard-working creatives. Helen described the private view for the South East Makers Club as feeling like a ‘wedding without any food’ - she was humbly over-joyed at the amount of people that turned up; with the number of visitors reaching around one-hundred and twenty. She warmly described the importance Goldsmiths University has had on the area, and the fact that students arrive in South East London to study, and forget to leave; they just naturally fall in love with the place.

South East Makers Club is, in my opinion, a hugely important part of LDF. It is reality; showcasing the hard-working, creative mindset that conscientiously thrives in this stunning area of South London. 

Don’t miss out, activities are open until late this evening. 

Written by Kerry Squires
Edited by Rosie Howe

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