Raw Color - Blend

by Festival's Feet on the Street



Think colour is relatively simple? This new exhibition from Eindhoven studio Raw Color will make you reconsider with its kinetic display of colour in different forms.

Blend is the first solo outing for Daniera ter Haar, Christoph Brach and their team, having previously exhibited in their home country of the Netherlands, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco and as far afield as Taipei. Raw Color are the latest in a line of designers in the early stage of their careers to feature at the Aram Gallery on London’s Drury Lane, an independently curated space that champions experimental contemporary design.

The resulting show is a polished, vibrant presentation that celebrates colour as an integral part of design rather than mere afterthought, but below the surface also explores complex themes of visual perception and how this is affected by light, composition, movement and even time.

Highlights include The Fans, an installation of 15 tricolour fans remotely controlled to turn on and off in a preprogrammed, choreographed sequence that reveals the effect of varying speeds of rotation on the hue seen (the faster the fans spin, the more the colours blend into one); Chromatology, another installation, featuring paper shredders activated by a motion sensor that produces ‘coloured rain’ onto the surface below; and Tinctorial Textiles, a collection of translucent wool panels dyed with natural plant pigments and overlapped to create colour blends between the materials.

The team’s self-declared aim is to “question the meaning of the subject they are working on” - namely colour in this case - utilising cutting-edge research techniques in experimentation, to refine their vision and create truly original design, and they certainly achieve that with Blend in using scientific method to create aesthetic.

This is a highly intelligent and thoughtful collection in addition to being a beautiful realisation of colour in its myriad of shapes and shades, and one which is well worth experiencing.

Visit Raw Color’s Blend until Saturday 24 September at the Aram Gallery,
110 Drury Lane Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5SG

Written by Katherine Allen 
Edited by Rosie Howe

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