Simple Innovation

by Festival's Feet on the Street



As part of 100% design, Legrand are showcasing their effective home automation services. With their exclusive Arteor designs, they show how simple it is for users to control their daily home devices through this sophisticated product.

Dating back to 1865, Legrand’s journey began as a porcelain tableware workshop. In 1924 the company took the name Legrand & Co, operating as a porcelain and electrical devices company, however it wasn’t till 1949 that the company began specialising in electrical wiring devices.

Today they are the leading specialists in electrical and digital building infrastructures, providing a variety of products specifically tailored to industrial, commercial and residential market sectors globally.

The Arteor design portrays how a product can look good and be multifunctional at the same time. The most effective part of this product is the fact that users can control a variety of functions in their homes, from choosing the perfect music for a party of guests to ensuring the best security for your property. With a range of colours and interesting finishes in metal, leather and wood, Legrand are sure to provide the finishing details that every space deserves to have.

For those looking for that extra special finish, they even have an Arteor exclusive range, offering truly unique designs. With technology moving forward every day, this proves that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, let’s sit back and embrace the smart innovations technology breeds. Keep it simple with Legrand.

Check out their range of innovative products at 100% design or find out more on their official website.

Written by: Heena Moosa
Edited by Rosie Howe

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