Apparitions - Judith Braun at Anthropologie

by Festival's Feet on the Street



Renowned artist Judith Braun returns to the UK with the latest in her growing fingerprint mural collection, exclusively at Regent Street’s Anthropologie.

Having courted controversy in the 1980s with her experimental brand of art that challenged taboo topics of the day, and taking an extended break from painting up until 2003 - where a Tarot card reading allegedly inspired her to pick up her paintbrush again - Judith Braun is back with a commission at London’s Anthropologie.

One thing to note is when I say ‘paintbrush’ I actually mean ‘hands’, as Braun’s medium is using charcoal dust to create abstract yet stunningly symmetrical works with just her fingertips. This is part of her long-running project ‘Symmetrical Procedures’ where she will be painting live in the window of the Anthropologie Regent Street store.

Braun has said she uses both hands simultaneously to create natural symmetry using full gestures, and it certainly results in an extraordinarily symmetrical design on the canvas. Her original approach, borrowing from childlike fingerpainting, is a celebration of free creativity that Anthropologie also values highly.

The store displays a carefully curated mix of clothes, gifts and homewares inspired by fashion and the art worlds, and clearly takes pride in creativity and style in its pieces for sale. You can catch Judith Braun’s Apparitions at Anthropologie until the end of the Festival.

Written by Katherine Allen
Edited by Rosie Howe

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