-ISH Collection wins 'Best Denim' Wallpaper* Design Awards 2015


by Matteo Fogale with Laetitia De Allegri



Laetitia De Allegri and Matteo Fogale are pleased to announce that -ISH Collection in collaboration with Iris Industries shown at Herrick Gallery for The London Design Festival 2014 won the prestigious Wallpaper* Design Awards 2015 'Best Denim'.

-ISH is a collection of pieces emphasising the illusion and beauty of stone-like materials entirely made from recycled and reclaimed post-industrial waste, a material produced by Iris Industries. Shown at Herrick Gallery, the exhibition showcased the result of the new collaboration of the two designers expressing the common interest in sustainable sources and new aesthetics on design and exploring the perception of materials and their properties.

-ISH collection wins 'Best Denim' as part of Wallpaper* magazine's annual awards that reveal "the design world’s highest honours to the truly deserving".

"'Best Denim'. From worn-out jeans to cool new furniture.
Denim is proving a surprising ally in the push towards sustainability, with fashion and furniture projects cleverly devising new and environmentally friendly ways of dealing with the material. London-based design pair Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri launched -Ish, a collection made of Denimite, a marble-like material created from post-industrial denim scrap; another version of the material, called Marblus, is made from scraps of cotton taken from discarded sheets and clothing. Lightweight, mouldable and extremely resistant, they give a new face to recycled materials".

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