HACKOFF!! An exploration of digital and traditional communication

by Festival's Feet on the Street



Installations by Liz Wellstead and Massimo Casagrande explore the connection between traditional forms of communication, such as handwriting, juxtaposed against social media and how it has become our principal method of communication in 2016.

Wellstead: ‘People are moving away from handwriting, therefore I wanted to celebrate the aesthetic of handwriting and to show how social media and handwriting can merge together. Through the installation, I encourage visitors to handwrite their most recent social media post on postcards, which I then place on the gallery wall. These are then posted onto Instagram, taking the communication back to its origin but with added personality.’.

Casagrande created several logos for the Festival, he explains ‘I combined Sailor Jerry’s  tattoos,  social media icons and emojis to represent the users as ‘digital sailors’. Like sailors travelling to many places, people go surfing on the internet. Turning sailors’ iconography such as snakes and tigers into digital images like phone cables, signs for battery levels and emojis, the installation explores the influence of social media communication.’

The installations illustrate the influence of social media on communication and how traditional forms of communication are disappearing.

Written by Mizuki Matsui
Edited by Catherine Mwase

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