Expanding Creativity: from East to West

by Festival's Feet on the Street



Potters Fields Park, a beautifully enclosed green space located by London Bridge station is host to a travelling exhibition for Nanjing Week, a collaboration with London Design Festival, and part of the Bankside Design District.

On entry, you are greeted by an abundance of small plastic globes, protecting measured helpings of undeniably colourful flowers; beautifully directing prospective visitors. The warm welcome gives a sense of grounding amongst the busy city atmosphere. Relaxed, joyful and predominantly family focused, the exhibition is wonderfully blessed with sunny weather. Additionally, the sky is clear, specifically outlining the powerful presence of Tower Bridge; a fantastically prestigious companion to the exhibition piece showcased at Nanjing week, titled Movilla.

Created by one of Nanjings leading young designers, Movilla is an eco-friendly, expanding living space, ranging from a minimum size of 8m x 2.4m x 3m to a maximum of 11m x 6.5m x 3.2m, cleverly positioned in front of Tower Bridge. The idea of a habitable space travelling from China to London, and subsequently having the ability to expand is an incredibly intriguing concept. Alongside the river bank, spotting Tower Bridge in the distance immediately provokes thought on the cultural landscape between the two structures.

Movilla is un-assuming. Just a simple rectangular shape, constructed of layers of black and white foundations. It is raised off the ground, displaying a simple blocked step acting as a clear, instructional entry guide. Inside the structure, visitors are smiling as they are taught how to Block Print, using traditional Chinese printing tools. On display are impressively executed piles of hand bound books, all echoing a meticulous attention to detail; placing a clear importance on hand crafted design.

As you explore more of the event, children are excitedly hand making animal masks, and volumes of visitors are enjoying the culinary offerings. You are reminded of simplicity; an un-chaotic, tactile environment where nothing is too distracting. There is much to be said for considering minimal methods in design; in modern society we can certainly appreciate that of handmade crafts; each object offering some unique beauty. Nanjing week undoubtedly outlines the incredible talent growing from Eastern China, and ultimately reminds us to enjoy creative endeavours; and once again remember our inner child.   

Visit Movilla at Nanjing Week, located at the Bankside Design District,
until 11pm on Sunday 25 September.

Written by Kerry Squires
Edited by Rosie Howe

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