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Cubitt House

Posted on: 23 Sep 2016

View the latest collections from over 100 contemporary brands, inside a spectacular exhibit featuring more than 4,000 modular GRID cubes by Danish designer Peter J. Lassen.

Easily identified by it’s massive façade suspended over a scaffold framework, constructed by award-winning London design and build company Oktra, Cubitt House is home to GRID, one of the largest installations in the world made by structural engineers Elliot Wood.

On the ground floor, explore the different types of contemporary lighting invented by Foldability and Northern Lighting. A well as cutting edge furniture by Brighton based design agency, Studio Makgill in partnership with H Furniture, who have created a limited edition series of the WW Chair, with a set of six chairs in different colour variations.

Look out for the latest technology at the Cubitt House as well, like the 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen. Test the pen out first hand with a variety of different colours, allowing you to create something 3-dimensional and take it home! If you happen to fall in love with this new innovation, you can purchase a pen online through their website.

Lastly, head upstairs to see carpet by Cavalcanti, comfortable and durable carpets made in Portugal and bid on your favourite creatively designed Casper, a stool made of cork made by Michael Sodeau in collaboration with Movement on the Ground.

Another excellent masterpiece, Wick Chair, designed by Karl Malmvall and Jesper Ståhl is being featured by Design House Stockholm. This handmade chair is inspired by traditional Swedish wood-chip baskets and designed with human ergonomics in mind. What’s more fabulous is that this chair is pretty much customizable in every way, from its base, to its material - to suit your every needs.

Written by Michelle Chong
Edited by Rosie Howe

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