Batch.Works - A New Normal


by Design Products RCA



Featuring Batch.Works, A New Normal is the upcoming exhibition at Machines Room during LDF, which asks how could products be made in a world beyond mass-production? All participants are pioneering new ways of making today; establishing a ‘new normal’ where manufacturing is redistributed and mass means ‘by the masses’ not en-masse.

One of the contributors is Batch.Works, the 3D printing lab in residence at Machines Room, run by Julien Vaissieres and Dylan Bahnan. Their aim is to manufacture things closer to the individual user - the right thing, at the right quantity, at the right price. After trying to make their own products they realised the normal way of getting things made was a little constraining. Small batch seemed to mean expensive and bespoke whilst big batch meant cheap at 10,000+. To make things in the middle of the city at a small scale, the obvious choice was digital tools. They print for and collaborate with others, making 3D printed consumer products part of people's everyday lives. With their 1mm nozzle they try to print faster; with their auto-print technique they print more easily, and with years of printing experience they print better.
Visit the exhibition to learn more about how Batch.Works is helping to bring big ideas into production in a customisable and hyperlocal scale:
Discover the full exhibition program for A New Normal here:

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