Artist in Conversation


by The Foundry Gallery



Come along to The Foundry Gallery on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th between 12-3pm to meet the artist Alex Evans and gain an insight in to the exhibition.

To celebrate the opening of this years London Design Festival join us at The Foundry Gallery on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September between 12-3pm to meet the artist Alex Evans and gain insight into the exhibition (IN)VISIBLE SYSTEMS which seeks to explore our constant human need to assemble and reassemble our built environments. Evans has created an evolving series of obsessively constructed drawings and prints which depict these realised and theoretical languages of architecture, geometry and nature as both growing and being destroyed in a state of unsettling flux and transformation.

His systematic drawings have been disrupted, erased and taken apart in a constant dialogue between organic and formal structures which depict his imagined cities as both hybrid architectural spaces and delicate emergent biological forms. Geometric shapes and complex patterns appear to replicate themselves and transform in scale to unsettle our ideas of urban space and present us with new spatial possibilities.

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