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Award-winning British Designer, Kit Miles

Posted on: 24 Sep 2016

“As soon as the pen touches the paper it’s like a door swung open to a dreamscape where innovation within design manifests” – Kit Miles

On 19 September I listened to an engaging talk by British textiles designer Kit Miles. The talk was hosted by ‘And So To Bed’, a furniture showroom along the Kings Road in Chelsea. 

Miles talked in front of one of the showroom’s beds that featured his prints. The prints were typical of his style, full of vibrant colours and featuring his common theme of futurism. It really is no wonder that Miles’ textiles are seen in luxury end design hotels, due to their unique use of shapes and the fantastical moods that they omit.

Miles spoke about his inspiration for the prints. He explained that, “Horror, the V&A and artists like 'Björk', shaping a big universe of ideas where endless variations on a theme occur”, are a handful of the stimuli for his work. He also spoke about the use of audio as inspiration, such as 15 seconds of a ‘Goldfrapp’ song for his previous work. It is very apparent that music and science are important to Miles as both are celebrated in his work. 

Miles also covered a debate that has been born out of the modern age and technological advances. This is the debate relating to the use of hand drawn designs versus computer-aided designs.

Miles appreciates computer constructed textiles and the unique patterns that are created as a result. Whilst Miles’ computer-aided designs create unique and mesmerising textiles, his hand drawn designs, that tend to lend a more classical edge, reach the same level of impressiveness - with emphasis on the detail of images conveying fantasy and again reflect a parallel reality. 

Miles who won the 2016 ‘Best New Designer’ award with Homes and Gardens has an MA in textile design from the Royal College of Art.

Written by Juliet Wilson
Edited by Catherine Mwase 

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