Design with a Scottish Twist

by Festival's Feet on the Street



‘Emerging Brands’ at 100% Design is one of the most exciting departments at this event. Mairi Helena, a high end designer, showcases her latest collection of vibrant and fun home accessories, inspired by Scottish landscapes.

Given both her parents are textile designers, it was only natural for Mairi to adopt a love and appreciation for design. Mairi is inspired by the Scottish Borders and the beautiful landscapes where she grew up. The colours of the landscapes, as well as the wildlife adorning these vast open spaces, remain the core inspirations of her designs today.

The beauty of her work comes from the fact that she can fuse classic techniques, like screen printing, with more recent digital processes of print. From the very start, Mairi begins by getting out into the open landscapes and photographing aspects that catch her attention. She uses this creative imagery to bring her work to life, through creating abstract surface patterns, which she tends to put a contemporary twist on. This reflects on the idea that her work always remains central to her Scottish inspiration.

At this year’s 100% Design, Mairi is launching her new soft furnishings label ‘Mairi Helena’. The collection boasts vibrant colours and prints, which allow you to admire the basic elements of design and how they can be transformed. There are a variety of products, including velvet cushions, which illustrate the beauty of combining visual prints and texture, creating a luxurious feel and look to this unique product. Accompanying this, are a range of bold wallpapers and lavish lampshades, all of which stay true to her abstract, fine art vision. Each and every design is sure to bring any space to life, bringing with it a joyful and vibrant atmosphere.

Trends can change but one thing’s for sure, her work will always remain relevant, authentic and unique due to her individual influences. Proof that you need not be afraid to carve your own vision and embrace your individuality!

Check out her amazing new collection featured at the ‘Emerging Brands’ at 100% Design or see more of her designs at

Written by Heena Moosa
Edited by Catherine Mwase

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