Moleskine Sketch Relay




10am - 5.45 Monday - Sunday

Free Event

In Partnership with Moleskine and the Detour Project


Moleskine and the London Design Festival have invited over 70 London-based designers to participate in the Moleskine Sketch Relay. The exhibition showcases illustrations focusing on this year’s campaign 'Design is Here, There and Everywhere'.

“At Moleskine we also believe Design is everywhere. An idea can be set off wherever and whenever; what’s important is that it is captured and not lost. The blank pages of a notebook make this happen.”
Maria Sebregondi, VP Brand and Communications, Moleskine

Each designer has been asked a selection of questions; firstly to illustrate what objects, items, systems, and details they could not live without in a private space or in the public domain. Secondly, to examine what needs improving within their personal or professional life. Finally, the London Design Festival has asked what each designer would like to design that they haven't had the opportunity to design before, the results of which are displayed in Gallery 220 in the Sackler Centre.

Contributors include including Alexander Taylor, Benjamin Hubert, Lee Broom, Nina Tolstrup and Raw Edges.

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