Young Lithuanian designers





The exhibition presents design objects and projects created by young Lithuanian designers, who are the participants and winners of the Young Designer Prize 2014 competition.
The Young Designer Prize is an annual competition for BA graduates of fashion, communication and product design.

The opening event will take place on 17 September 6pm.
Entrance is free.

During the opening you will have the opportunity to see fashion, communication and product design objects, enjoy a live performance, as well as meeting young and talented Lithuanian designers.

The exhibition Young Lithuanian Designers will be on 15-21 September. The exhibition will be open 11am-7pm.

Design Innovations Centre of Vilnius Academy of Arts

Design Innovations Centre seeks to promote young Lithuanian designers nationally and internationally organizing exhibitions and participating in international design events and to increase competences and skills of young creators, researchers and other professionals in design sector organizing workshops, trainings and lectures. Design Innovations Centre also develops international collaboration and cooperation between educational structures, students and business sector.

Design Innovations Center, as a center for the distribution of knowledge and innovations in the sphere of design, continues to develop its activities and strengthen its net of partnership with the analogical foreign centers for the continuous advancement of the young creator’s, researchers’ competences.

In 2011 Design Innovations Centre started organizing the competition "Young Designer Prize". "Young Designer Prize" is annual competition for BA graduates of fashion, communication and product design.

Design Innovations Centre was established in 2005 as a part of Vilnius Academy of Arts

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