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The Building Centre
WikiHouse 4.0

15 Sep 2014 to 20 Sep 2014
10am - 5.30am Monday - Friday. Plus additional evening and weekend events
Free Event
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The world’s first open source, digitally-printed house will be built in Central London. The WikiHouse is a low-energy house which anyone can download, adapt, ‘print’ and assemble in a few days, with no construction skills, and for less than £50k. Led by Arup, Zero zero and The Building Centre.

Led by:
The Building Centre | Arup Engineers | Zero Zero

Sponsored by:
Future Cities Catapult | Ordnance Survey, Geovation Project | SmartPly OSB by Coillte

With support from:
ADUNIC | Crown Paints | DuPont | EldoLED | Geocel | Equitone | Pilkinton Glass | SimonsWerk | UPM ProFi

The Building Centre
Partner information

Arup unites a global network of inventive and highly skilled building engineers and design specialists. They are best known for helping to shape ambitious buildings.

Carl Turner Architects specialises in residential, commercial and public architecture. Projects include the Pop Brixton community campus for start-ups and the award-winning Slip House.

CBMM is the world's leading producer and supplier of ferro-niobium and niobium technology. (The house is named after the atomic number of niobium.)

The Building Centre Trust is an independent cross-disciplinary foundation that encourages innovation in the built environment.

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