WikiHouse 4.0




10am - 5.30am Monday - Friday. Plus additional evening and weekend events

Free Event


The world’s first open source, digitally-printed house will be built in Central London. The WikiHouse is a low-energy house which anyone can download, adapt, ‘print’ and assemble in a few days, with no construction skills, and for less than £50k. Led by Arup, Zero zero and The Building Centre.

Led by:
The Building Centre | Arup Engineers | Zero Zero

Sponsored by:
Future Cities Catapult | Ordnance Survey, Geovation Project | SmartPly OSB by Coillte

With support from:
ADUNIC | Crown Paints | DuPont | EldoLED | Geocel | Equitone | Pilkinton Glass | SimonsWerk | UPM ProFi

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