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Celebrating their 10th anniversary as part of London Design Festival, We Sailed From The Apex takes visitors on a journey through the influences and references that have shaped and defined four23’s approach to creativity, communication and design over the last decade.

In Manchester in 2004, in an attic space they christened the Apex, Warren Bramley and Darryl Hardman founded four23. What began then as an environment for sharing ideas has since developed into a multi-disciplinary, creative family working across design, film, music and digital media.

In 1998, Bramley began his first role at the iconic Factory Records, experiencing a unique education under the guidance of the late Anthony H Wilson. And it’s this formative relationship that opens the exhibition, used to explore the importance of mentorship.

From there, visitors will follow a narrative that is woven through 10 white sails suspended within four23's London studio. Each sail brings the four23 story to life through a series of metaphors, in turn giving an intimate and unique insight in what, and how, they’ve learnt throughout the last decade.

What began as a conversation with a mentor has continued to evolve and develop ever since: the Apex was their first home, and it was from there they set sail.

“Nobody claims to have put a theory to it. No one in four23 talks of a grand plan, or of a thesis. Ask, and you are more likely to think them anti-theoretical, refusing to be labeled, lit by many inspirations but then anxious to move to the next idea, the next ideas. It was a shared space, a creative impulse that brought them to it; that is all there was to it.” An extract from the introduction to four23 by Professor Peter Kalawek, their Professor in Residence.

Also part of the Icon Design Trial, We Sailed From The Apex runs throughout London Design Festival from Saturday 13th September to Sunday 21st September inclusive.


four23 is an independent communication design studio with a multi-disciplinary team featuring designers, researchers, writers, producers, curators, coders and filmmakers.

They use design thinking, digital innovation, social intelligence, creativity and craft to communicate in the connected world.

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