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Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto and Torsten Neeland presents Urban Nomad, an installation built around a collection of products for both the retail and living environment. It reminds us of the profound affection we have for objects in today’s transient lifestyles in the ephemeral digital world we all live in.

Yamamoto and Neeland share a love of restraint, a subtle beauty based on simplicity and austerity. Y’s is a brand that stands for integrity: wearing Y’s clothes is a statement in itself, not one of ‘fashion’ necessarily but an understanding of timelessness and a mindfulness of the origin and the context of the clothes. There is an extraordinary tension that occurs in both Yamamoto and Neeland’s work between the simple and the sophisticated, between natural materials and technological advances.

Urban Nomads is an installation built around a collection of products for the retail environment and the living environment; it is a selection of Neeland’s timeless, purely designed objects that address the anti-throwaway, anti-fashionable products that have evolved due to our increasingly transient lifestyles. Unseen products such as clothes rails and coat hangers sit alongside previous work such as 'Stav' cutlery and cork trays.
Yamamoto sees beauty in garments that age and that are worn. The same understanding of beauty applies to Neeland’s products, with a focus on natural materials which have warmth and soul, and which age beautifully: oiled wood, cork, and stainless steel. We develop an emotional attachment with products and garments that age, products that we care and connect with and choose to live with. Neeland’s products are designed to age with us, to be appreciated now and for years to come.


Y's Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto opened its flagship store on Conduit Street in 1997. This address was also the very first Rolls Royce office/showroom in the early 1900’s. It might be a fateful coincidence that Yohji has always been a huge Rolls Royce fan... The store carries the entire Yohji Yamamoto line-up, from both men’s and women’s mainlines to Y’s Yohji Yamamoto and LIMI feu.

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