Uncover BBC Reith: A new typeface for the BBC




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Uncover BBC Reith: A new typeface for the BBC

Join type foundry Dalton Maag to browse a pop-up installation showcasing the details of the new BBC typeface and attend a talk on the type system's design and development.

This September, as part of the London Design Festival and Brixton Design Trail, Dalton Maag will present insights into its collaboration with the BBC on the development of BBC Reith, a multi-function typographic system which serves as a brand, information, and reading typeface with particular optimization for legibility on screen.

The new typeface was unveiled this August, with a gradual rollout starting with BBC Sport and BBC GEL. Named after the corporation’s first Director-General, BBC Reith nods to the fonts of the BBC’s history but meets the demands of 21st century usage. It is a modern type system that achieves a balance between personality and functionality and will efficiently carry the BBC's brand identity and messages across any medium, from billboard to mobile, more clearly for decades to come.

Join us at the Department Store on Thursday 21st September to browse a pop-up installation showcasing the details of the BBC Reith letterforms and to attend a talk on the typeface's design and development hosted by Lukas Paltram, Creative Director at Dalton Maag and David Bailey, Creative Director UX&D | GEL at BBC.

Doors will open at 7pm on the day and your admission ticket includes 2x complementary drinks as well as access to a networking session in the upstairs bar of the Department Store after the talk and Q&A.

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