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Creative typography display and workshops (drop in, no booking necessary)
Type Tasting

14 Sep 2013 to 19 Sep 2013
'Joyful' / 'Symbolic' / 'Eclectic' / 'Typographic'
Type Tasting drop in worskhop at the V&A
'Rebellious', 'Creative' by Ralph Steadman
'Buses+tubes' by Alan Kitching
Type Tasting drop in worskhop at the V&A
Type Tasting drop in worskhop at the V&A
'Exciting' / 'Watching' / 'Relaxing' / 'Haunted'
'Architect' by Henry Louth
'Multiculture' by Mohamed Tabrez
'Sister' by Irwin Nenneo
10am - 5pm
Free Event
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Type Tasting
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Type Tasting workshops and type safaris. Typography training with a creative twist.

Participants get away from their computers and get their hands dirty—experimenting with typography and exploring its expressive qualities whilst they learn about type. A Type Safari is an evening walk through an area of London exploring the history revealed by the signage along the way and taking photos to complete a creative challenge.

Tactile exploration, trial and error, experimenting with materials allow us to think creatively and fully develop an idea rather than taking a short cut to a slick and polished result. Often it’s the happy accidents that lead to the most interesting outcomes.

Type Tasting workshops take participants back to their creative roots through play and exploration. They give experienced designers an imagination refresher and novices an accessible introduction to typography. Challenges are set such as creating letterforms out of sound, expressing type as image and building typefaces out of objects and shapes.

The workshops are led by Sarah Hyndman who has worked in the design industry for over 15 years. Sarah studied an MA in Typo/graphics at the London College of Communication and was subsequently invited back as a guest tutor to set up and run the year long Experimental Typography evening course. She did this for six years alongside her commercial practice.

“With a focus on stepping away from computers and getting your hands dirty, Sarah helped me reconnect with ideas and processes I’d explored at university and opened up my imagination to new possibilities that fed back into my design work. Highly recommended!” Becky Chilcott (Workshop: Type as Image)

“It’s great that even those who are mostly desk-bound professionally can try their hand at something creative without the fear of looking daft or not being good enough.” Emily Gosling (Type Safari: Dalston)

“Sarah’s Type Tasting workshop was so much fun. She gave us just a bit of history and just the right amount of information to put our type-crafting into context. It was great meeting so many people from so many different backgrounds and disciplines too. It was a fantastic evening. Thanks Sarah!” Syd Hausmann (Workshop: How running makes me feel)

“Type Tasting was a really interesting introduction to typography for a complete beginner like me! Sarah was an excellent host and created an informal, fun atmosphere. The workshop is a great opportunity to try out something unusual and creative.” Mark Wilding (Workshop: Typographic swearing & cussing)

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