Type and Sound




Typography with Bruno Maag @12:30pm Sound with Massive Music @ 6:30pm

Ticketed Event


Talk / Seminar

What are the essential elements that
make a brand unique? How do you
create bespoke tools that capture the imagination to engage audiences
visually and emotionally?
Join Siegel+Gale and industry experts Bruno Maag and Massive Music to hear how they use their craft to enrich
brand experiences.

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What is the most widely used typeface in the world, and probably the most wrongly used? Some hate it, yet it appeals to the masses.

An essential element of the brand experience, typography is an expression of skill and imagination. But what does your typeface reveal about you? Does it truly reflect your brand; stand out, and create maximum impact?

Join Bruno Maag on an interactive journey through a series of aspects in type design and typography. Learn what’s important when discussing fonts in a brand context and what will the future may bring.

Are you type, set and ready?


How do products and services capture your soul with just a few musical notes?

Sonic branding isn’t a jingle, it’s about bringing to life a brand’s core elements and translating them into essential sounds that are distinctive and memorable; it’s about taking a word, or concept like "brave", or "adventurous" and translating them into simple audio that brings clarity and impact.

Simple audio that defines your brand. Simple audio that enhances your brand experience.

Is your noise the right noise?

Join Massive Music in a lively ear-opening session to demystify how timbre, pitch and frequency can work for you.


Siegel+Gale is the Simplicity company; a global strategic brand and design consultancy.

We start with a simple truth: brands that commit to simplicity—and those who experience them—win.

So that’s what we help our clients do.

We champion simplicity to help brands reach their true potential. A focus that allows us to reveal the essential truths of your organisation, tell engaging stories that connect with your audiences and deliver experiences that look, sound and feel different. Breathtaking, but obvious. Familiar, but new. Unexpectedly fresh and remarkably clear.

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