Transform celebrates the traditional Japanese crafts of Iwatsuki doll making, Kiryu textile production and 100 years of Obi designs from the Goto Textile Company.
The exhibition showcases historic artefacts and new products created by students from UAL and Bunkyo Gakuin University.

Transform is an exhibition celebrating traditional Japanese craftsmenship of Iwatsuki doll making, Kiryu textile and Kimono production and 100 years of Obi designs from the Goto Textile Company. Students from UAL and Bunkyo Gakuin University were taught these traditional methods of production with the idea that they would then Transform them into new products for an international market.

This exhibition showcases the crafts listed above in their traditional format and then the new ideas and products made from an intensive 5 week project where students from both UAL and BGU lived with their makers to learn the craft and then developed new ideas and products.

The project is the first of its kind between UAL and BGU as well as the partnering craftsmen. The idea is not only for students and young people to learn and understand traditional Japanese craft and its culture, but also for the knowledge and energy of the participating students to be infused into the traditional crafts production to encourage new ideas and designs. These, in turn can create new products for a wider market, in the hope of sustaining the existing traditional craft and the local community that rely upon it.

This project was supported by Daito Pleats Co., Fujilace Co., Goto Textile Company, Iwatsuki Dolls Association, Izumi Textile Limited Company, Matsui Knitting Crafts, Kasamori Co., Takamitsu Textile Company, TOWA Engineering Corporation and Yamato Co. LTD.

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