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This years Goldsmiths MA Design graduate exhibition will showcase the culmination of a years practice. The projects exhibited will cover industrial, communication and spatial design with a focus on process, research, meta-design and critical design.

The exhibition will be held at The Arch, Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Road between the 18th and 22nd September 2013 with the private view on Wednesday 18th.

Each year, students showcase their work by hosting an end-of-year exhibition. The projects and concepts addressed differ, remaining topical – whether they examine the ramifications of daily life or factors unique to developing communities.

Goldsmiths University Masters’ projects are about much more than just the outcomes, they are a positive way of thinking about the future and learning while making. With a focus on the process, research, meta-design and critical-design, the work is about the way we live or imagine the way we would like to live.

Previous Goldsmith exhibitions have taken place at the Mile End Arts Pavilion, The Rag Factory and Shoreditch Town Hall. Bringing together design practitioners, academics, and industry leaders, the show runs for approximately one week with an opening night celebration and daily gallery hours.

Goldsmiths is ranked 9th in the UK for world-leading research, and its students work closely with experts in their respective fields. Programs include a range of academic disciplines from Design Critical Practice, Design and Environment, Design Futures and Innovations in Practice. Students come together from different backgrounds, whether previously engaged design, be it product, communication, interior design and/or architecture, to those recently active in the fine arts, humanities, sociology, or finance.

Students who have chosen to study in Goldsmiths are thus attracted by the avidity for both the intensely theoretical and the critically practical in order to hone their design instincts.

Previous MA graduates have demonstrated in abundance the proficiency in developing strong, creative concepts that actively engage with reality and indeed, with a body of students that is a mixture of European and International capacity, we broaden to consider everything we achieve in a global reality.

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Goldsmiths, University of London is a public research university specialising in the arts, design, humanities, and social sciences. In the 2016 University league tables published by The Guardian UK, Goldsmiths was ranked number 1 for Design and Crafts!

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