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Distinctive and Distinguished.
Sub Zero & Wolf is built on a spirit of dedication, enterprise and determination to harness the latest technological solutions and iconic design with every appliance.
Meet the Sub Zero & Wolf team from 10am - 8pm on 21st Sept for a showroom experience.

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Sub-Zero & Wolf

Distinctive and distinguished, at Sub-Zero and Wolf we count culinary greats and red-carpet regulars among our valued clientele – think of Gordon Ramsay, Michel Roux, Jnr., Gary Rhodes, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Sting for just a few examples.

But whether you’re an A-list celebrity or not, you’ll receive star treatment from us. For ex-ample, we go out of our way – literally – to offer our unrivalled stress-free delivery service. No location, however remote, is beyond the reach of our dedicated in-house delivery team, and we use vans, trucks, cranes and even helicopters to guarantee a premium service.

Why do we go to such lengths for our customers? Because we always have – our compa-ny is built on a spirit of dedication, enterprise and determination to harness the latest tech-nological solutions. It all started in the 1930s, when our founder Westye Bakke was looking for a refrigerator suitable for storing the insulin his young son needed to treat his juvenile diabetes. Not finding one, he built his own, bending the coils by hand to get the superior result he wanted and that his son deserved. Later, he launched the first-ever refrigeration system that could preserve food at ultra-low temperatures – sub-zero, in fact!

We’re still doing now what we started all those years ago: leveraging technology for others’ benefit. Just take a look at one of the latest additions to our range of much-coveted appli-ances – the air purification system found on our New Generation integrated and built-in re-frigeration lines. Initially developed for NASA to aid food preservation, the technology is now uniquely on offer to our customers. It’s designed to reduce both harmful gases and odours, and you won’t find a solution like it elsewhere on the market.

Another Sub-Zero exclusive is our dual-compressor system, available as standard on all of our fridge-freezers. Ensuring superior food preservation, the system’s secret is separate compressors within the fridge and freezer sections. These allow each compartment to op-erate independently, reducing spoilage, extending the life of fresh and frozen foods, and making sure that ice remains odour free. We’re proud to be offering such cutting-edge so-lutions to our customers.

Wolf is the perfect accompaniment to Sub-Zero, offering the same dedication to our cus-tomers’ needs and the same passion for leading the way in appliance technology. Our world-class range of cooking appliances includes built-in ovens and hobs, plus gas and dual-fuel cooktops boasting precise control to deliver truly professional results at home.

Our Dual Convection electric oven system is just one of our superior offerings. The system not only eliminates uneven and inconsistent heating but also reduces cooking times thanks to more efficient heat use. That makes it ideal for anyone seeking even heat distribution and lower energy consumption.

We’re also applying innovation to our gas cooktops. Our patented dual-stacked burners offer unrivalled temperature control and precision, and they’re equally suitable for melting butter or chocolate on a low heat or for high-temperature cooking.

But don’t just take our word for it. Plan a visit to one of our stunning Living Kitchens located around the UK and Ireland and meet members of the Sub-Zero and Wolf family. They’ll take the time to understand your needs and show you how the many features of our appli-ances will work for you.

What’s more, once you purchase a Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance, you can rest assured that we’ll always be on hand if you have a question. Our Customer Care team are just a phone call away.

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