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Iconic cooling brand Sub-Zero will be launching their new generation range of Integrated products, to include column refrigeration, refrigerated drawers and over/under models.
Complete with dual compressor and air purification system, Sub-Zero offers the finest cooling appliances in the world.

Sub-Zero Introduces New Line of Integrated Refrigeration: ‘Anywhere Refrigeration’ -Offers Advanced Freshness Performance and Limitless Design Options

Sub-Zero, the industry leader in premium refrigeration and wine storage, is introducing a groundbreaking line of integrated refrigeration during LDF 2013, as part of the New Generation product launch; the largest product rollout in the company’s 68-year history. The new integrated refrigeration line is the culmination of Sub-Zero’s industry-leading food preservation technology and impeccable design which offers limitless flexibility for seamless incorporation into any kitchen. 

New integrated refrigeration utilises Sub-Zero’s pioneering freshness technology and advanced performance in addition to its well-known dedication to quality. In addition, all of the column, tall and drawer refrigerator units will now be offered in four widths, totalling 16 new models. The combined features of the new integrated refrigeration line answer the call to conceal the refrigerator while revealing its freshest attributes.  This exciting product line will be made available over the next 18 months.

After creating the Built-in appliance category in the 1950’s, which made hiding the refrigerator possible, Sub-Zero pioneered integrated refrigeration to market in 1995; once again revolutionising the kitchen design industry. Now in 2013, the company introduces the latest innovation benchmark line of integrated refrigerator and freezer columns, which includes several more performance and design features. Products will contain all of Sub-Zero’s pioneering freshness technology, now including antimicrobial Air Purification, which reduces elements that spoil produce and other fresh foods. New design features for the integrated refrigeration line allow for even more customisation and design flexibility with four widths ranging from the slim 457mm to the spacious 914mm, and as always, every model can be designed to sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry and counter tops. With the size variations and flush-set design, integrated refrigeration can go anywhere; from kitchens to cinema rooms, dens to summer houses.

Food Preservation

In the New Generation of integrated refrigeration, Sub-Zero retains its commitment to the science of food preservation and has carried over freshness features that make Sub-Zero the preservation experts. New integrated refrigeration incorporates these characteristics to promote optimal freshness:

Dual Refrigeration: Sub-Zero products contain separate, sealed cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer that ensure optimum preservation conditions for each type of food. Fresh food requires chilly, humid air to stay fresh; frozen food needs frigid, dry air to preserve flavour. Dual refrigeration eliminates cross-compartment flavour contamination and reduces freezer burn.

Air Purification: New to integrated refrigeration is Sub-Zero’s unique air purification system that reduces elements that cause food to spoil. Mould, bacteria, viruses and especially ethylene gas are all significantly reduced.

Easier Installation:  A three-axis installation, six-direction door panel alignment system ensures a flawless fit with adjacent cabinetry. Rollers on the bottom of each unit simplify installation.

Precise Temperature Control: More precise and versatile than mechanical systems, the microprocessor control function of integrated refrigeration maintains the temperature within 1° of the selected setting. It also controls the defrost patterns and stores diagnostic information for service technicians.

Crisper Crisper Storage Drawer: New integrated refrigeration contains a drawer that is a lower-temperature, higher-humidity zone – a refrigerator within a refrigerator – with the perfect conditions for produce and meats.

Freshness Cards: Included in the new integrated refrigeration products will be freshness cards that provide proper food storage instructions to guide homeowners on how to make the most of their innovative food preservation technology.

Design & Dimensions

Integrated refrigeration is designed to sit flush with cabinetry. With optional stainless steel finishes and limitless treatment and design options, Sub-Zero’s integrated refrigeration can either stand out or “disappear” into a kitchen’s décor. Now, integrated refrigeration products are available to homeowners in four widths for even more customisation: 457 mm, 610 mm, 762mm  and 914mm.  Consumers can select from three product types:

Column: 2134 mm in height, columns have a single entry with the door spanning the entire height. Each column can be either a refrigerator or a freezer. Columns are available in 457mm (all freezer only), 610mm, (fridge or freezer), 762mm (fridge or freezer) and 914mm (fridge only)

Tall: Also 2134 mm in height, the tall variety has three access points: the main compartment and two drawers underneath. Integrated tall products are available as all refrigerators in 762mm and combination refrigerator/freezer in 762mm and 914mm.

Drawers: New integrated refrigeration drawers measure 876mm in height and offer two widths: 762mm and 914mm. All refrigerators in 762mm and combination refrigerator/freezer drawers are available in 762mm and 914mm.

Sub-Zero & Wolf

Sub-Zero & Wolf, the leading manufacturer of premium refrigeration and cooking appliances worldwide, are synonymous with state-of-the art kitchen technology, delivering specialist culinary results in the home without compromising on style or luxury.

Sub-Zero and Wolf have established themselves as the appliance brands of choice for leading chefs due to the robust, industrial feel of the high-quality stainless steel appliances that offers delicious results every time. Sub-Zero & Wolf’s brand ambassadors, who all share the same passion for perfect food and appliances that offer precision and performance to rival a professional kitchen, including Aldo Zilli, Shaun Rankin, Galton Blackiston, Stevie Parle, Thomasina Miers and Simon Rimmer; as well as celebrity chef clients James Martin, Gordon Ramsay, Michel Roux Junior, Gary Rhodes and Tom Parker Bowles.

Not only are Sub-Zero & Wolf renowned amongst professional chefs, the brands are also favoured by leading designers and celebrities including Wayne Hemingway MBE, Kelly Hoppen MBE, Stella McCartney, Mark Wilkinson OBE, Wayne and Coleen Rooney, David (OBE) and Victoria Beckham, Colin Montgomerie OBE, Damon Hill OBE, David Gower OBE, Bernie Ecclestone, Lily Allen, Sir Paul McCartney MBE, Lenny Kravitz, Sting CBE, Madonna and Rod Stewart CBE to name but a few.

As the innovators of food preservation, Sub-Zero offers a unique ‘Air Purification’ system in their Built-In refrigerator line which removes harmful gases and odours; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation. Additionally, the Dual Compressor system, standard on all Sub-Zero fridge/freezers, is a completely unique feature to Sub-Zero. The separate compressors within the fridge and freezer sections enable each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented to stop your ice-cubes tasting of fish! This exclusive function prevents temperature fluctuations, saves valuable energy and is proven to keep food fresher for longer.

Wolf offers a comprehensive range of built-in ovens, hobs, cooktops gas and dual fuel ranges offering the user precise control to deliver truly professional results in the home. The Wolf collection also includes sleek ventilation units and integrated warming drawers. Wolf’s Dual Convection electric oven system, a function exclusive to the brand, provides superior coverage eliminating uneven and inconsistent heating and reducing cooking time. The patented dual stacked burners on the gas cooktops also offer unrivalled temperature control and precision, ideal for melting butter or chocolate on a low heat or high temperature cooking. With superior performance and leading-edge design, Wolf appliances fuel a passion for cooking.

Sub-Zero and Wolf form a natural partnership, offering state of the art kitchen innovation and providing unbeatable performance and reliability.

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