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Michiko Koshino has created an empire of pioneering and innovative design, carving out an iconic name in the creative industry. Her inimitable mind has influenced a multitude of design disciplines, including furniture. Collaboration with the artist Balint Bolygo showcases her dynamism and finesse.

Michiko Koshino

Michiko Koshino has created an empire of exciting and pioneering designs, pushing the bounderies of design and carving out an iconic name in the fashion world and beyond.

Michiko Koshino descends from a long line of garment makers in Japan.
Her heritage spans generations of traditional Kimono making, However it was her iconic mother “Ayako Koshino” who broke traditional and revolutionized clothing in Japan.
Michiko is the youngest of three design sisters following in her mothers footsteps.
Michiko learnt valuable techniques by playing as a child in her mother’s atelier from an early age.

Moving to London to set out alone, at first not to be a designer, but it was destiny, this run in her blood. So it was inevitable to be a creative force.

Michiko Koshino rebelled against the conventional use of Japanese design but the other hand she understood the rebellious street culture of London & transform the London style forever.

Developing her own creative methods and unique pathways to self expression by mixing ideas from Japanese techniques with futuristic but rebellious thinking, the unique uses of materials and quirky designs were not confined to clothing alone and Michiko created an extensive range of unique products available today throughout the world. Her innovative mind not only inspired cloth designer but all design disciples, including architects...

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