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Product Launch

STAC is proud to launch STACtile – an award-winning cladding product that delivers true design flexibility through modular adaptability.
Come join us at Pentagon Tiles' new Farringdon showroom to STAC, shift, rotate and play to see what you can create; prizes for innovative design using STACtile.

Marble, Sandstone, Concrete & Wood.  From these four materials STACtile is born – the result of two years of development from concept to commercial availability, each tile carefully hand crafted using traditional techniques. 

STACtile represents true innovation in feature wall cladding; true modular adaptability in the form of a single 3D tile that provides design freedom to come up with something unique each time the tile is used.

Now, at last, there is an elegantly simple tile in a single form and nine different finishes to facilitate limitless design of beautiful, tactile feature walls in Marble, Sandstone, Concrete and Wood.

The era of tile tactility merely for the sake of three-dimensionality is over, for now dawns the era of limitless design and pattern choice made possible by a single tile – STACtile; the new era of modular adaptability in a 3D tile.

You are invited to join us at Pentagon Tiles’ new Farringdon showroom for the launch of the STACtile’s award-winning range of three-dimensional handmade tiles.  Come STAC, shift, rotate and play to see what you can create.

STAC architecture LTD

STAC – Snaith Thrush Architect Collaborative is a London based practice that specialises in private residential design and cutting edge bar and restaurant design. We also cover retail and office design if & when we feel our skills can be put to innovative use.

The two founding partners, David Snaith and Paul Thrush have known each other and worked together for more than a decade and bring their individual skill sets together to create a fresh, design led practice that is constantly looking to innovate and find creative design solutions for every project. STAC Architecture Ltd is a company that is driven to produce site specific design with an environmental consciousness at heart. The 2 founding partners have collective experience in Residential, Retail, Office and Public Projects that range in size from £100,000 to over £5,000,000. Irrespective of size however, they pride themselves in their unwavering attention to detail. No matter whether they are commissioned to design a new table for a restaurant or a new restaurant within a larger building they have designed – every project receives the utmost attention and the result is a successful design at every scale.

We aim to produce projects that are shaped by the clients needs, environmental concerns and the context of which they are a part. The end product is therefore a synthesis of the clients personality, the conceptual approach and the close collaboration with consultants and contractors to produce a functional work of art that harmonises with its natural environment.

We constantly remind ourselves that excellence in design is the result of finding the simplest, purest answer to the problem at hand. This approach combined with desire to awaken the senses brings to life some rather interesting products and spaces.

Each project, irrespective of size, results in innovative solutions that are beautifully realised with timeless simplicity and elegance.

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