Show 13: Bare Minimum




Mon - Fri 9.30am - 6pm, Sat 10.30am - 4pm

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Viaduct presents a fresh perspective on minimalism in furniture and lighting design. With a strong focus on materials, detailing and textures with new pieces from MDF, e15 and Muller Van Severen. Also Studiomama creates an installation illustrating and discussing micro living in 13 square metres.

Viaduct kicks off this year’s Festival with an in-depth look at minimalism in furniture and lighting design. This exhibition sets out to show a fresh perspective with a strong focus on colour, materials, detailing and textures. It is curated to maximise and contextualise the spirit of this powerful architectural and design movement with both new and classic designs. Designers include: Jasper Morrison; Achille Castiglione; Maarten Van Severen; Muller Van Severen; Aldo Bakker; Michael Anastassiades; and manufacturers E15; Karakter; MDF Italia; Cassina; Lyon Beton; Giopato & Coombes amongst many others.

Upstairs Studiomama, Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama, has created an installation illustrating the interior scheme for their project in the heart of north London. The space measures just 13 square metres, so they have used simple integrated furniture elements to create a flexible space that looks and feels way beyond it's minuscule size. As space becomes more and more of a premium in London, we have to rethink how we live and how we organise our living space. There is a new generation seeking out different ways of living, whether it is micro-living, house boat living or a co-living lifestyle. This installation invites the visitor to experience this small space, asking themselves what they could live without and creating a discussion on the future of housing.

The exhibition and installation will be running from 14th - 24th September. You are welcome to visit anytime during our opening hours which are 9.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 4pm Saturdays.

Viaduct was one of the very first furniture showrooms to open in Clerkenwell in 1994, and has introduced some of the most progressive European furniture to the UK market ever since. Most of Viaduct's work is with architects and designers but we welcome anyone with an enthusiasm for great design.

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