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David Mellor Design

14 Sep 2012 to 30 Sep 2012
9.30am - 6.00pm, Mon to Sat. 11am - 5pm, Sun...
020 7730 4259
David Mellor Design
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David Mellor Design operates on the simple principle that well-designed equipment can improve your life.

The company was set up by David Mellor (1930 - 2009) CBE and Royal Designer for Industry. Mellor is a key figure in British design with an international reputation as designer, manufacturer and shopkeeper. The company’s values are maintained by Corin Mellor who succeeded his father as Creative Director of the company in 2002.

David Mellor Design has always specialised in metalwork and is particularly famous for its cutlery which is world renowned for its attention to detail and purity of design. The company’s policy is to build on its inheritance of traditional metalworking skills and Sheffield craftsmanship whilst making the most of evolving new technologies.

David Mellor is a company in which the visual qualities are paramount. In an increasingly throw-away culture we are more than ever convinced of the importance of lasting good design.