Securing an Olympic legacy for 'Brand London'





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The 2012 Olympic Games was a shot in the arm for the UK’s image abroad. But do we risk losing this positive profile, due to a failure to effectively promote, brand and present London and Britain to the world? A panel of experts will discuss what needs to be done to secure an Olympic legacy.

The Olympic Games presented a dynamic, creative image of London and Britain to the world. But London has not yet learned how to communicate that image consistently.

There is no strategic approach to presenting “Brand London” to the world and especially new-comers to the city. For example, for many visitors to the capital the first thing they see is a row of shops selling duty free gin and branded t-shirts. The next thing they’ll see is a rainy industrial estate as they drive out of the airport.

There is no ‘Welcome to London’ experience. No message to say to visitors, “You’re entering one of the world’s greatest cities and here’s what you can expect”.
It’s true that many cities are guilty of this, but as a global creative centre, shouldn’t London take a lead?

A panel of experts will discuss how London can capture the excitement of the Olympics and present a consistently dynamic face to the world that represents its strengths as a whole and brings to life its distinctive districts, industries, arts, cultural locations and design icons?

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