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The Scarcity Project is a major installation by Paulo Goldstein at Central Saint Martins. Answering the question: "What if instead of adding, one redistributes what is there already?", the final room is a brilliant demonstration of how creativity might be exercised under conditions of scarcity.

The Scarcity Project is a major new commission at Central Saint Martins that will be launched during the London Design Festival. Based on his recent research into scarcity, Head of College Professor Jeremy Till commissioned Paulo Goldstein to rescue an unoccupied space in the new building at Kings Cross.

Goldstein is a recent CSM graduate in industrial design, whose project Repair is Beautiful was widely publicised and exhibited. For The Scarcity Project, Goldstein has collaborated with a range of other designers, who hunted down discarded artifacts around London, and reimagined them for the final room. The project provides important pointers as to how designers might operate under conditions of scarcity, shifting from hairshirt principles of austerity to a joyful celebration of restarted stuff. The Scarcity Project will become the College’s front parlour, but will be open to the public for this event in the London Design Festival, showing the work in progress and an opportunity to meet the makers.


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