Revolution of kindness

16 September 2017

24 hours

Brixton Design Trail

Brixton Design Trail returns for their second year as a District for the London Design Festival with the theme Love is Power, communicating the positive force of love in celebrating difference and promoting acceptance. Brixton will showcase an exciting line up of local designers from a range of backgrounds, highlighting that our community is made up of many cultures living alongside each other with respect for our differences and a shared love of our similarities – it is this mix that is the essence of Brixton.

Once again Brixton Design Trail will champion the democratisation of design by establishing it as part of the everyday and accessible to everyone, by using streets and public spaces as a canvas for expression. In a strong partnership with the Brixton Bid and supported by Lambeth, a number of installations will bring permanent improvement to neglected or difficult public spaces, putting creativity at the heart of the areas regeneration. In addition to a host of installations, experiences, design showcases, our talks and tours will focus on our design heritage from street art to built environment. As a free platform for the local creative community, Brixton Design Trail offers the opportunity to view emerging and established talent with a distinctive personality.

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