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Artists Ania Wawrzkowicz and Brigit Hegarty explore the motion, vitality and matrix of lines in response to Vorticism.
Crossing the boundries between different mediums from drawing to installation they use an experimental, playful and contemporary approach creating geometrical pathways.

Private view Thursday from 7pm-10pm, 12th September 2013
London Design Festival opening times 9am –5pm, 14th – 22nd September 2013

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between artists Ania Wawrzkowicz and Brigit Hegarty. Working experientially and responding to each other they have intergrated ideas of constructivism whilst mainly being inspired by Vorticism.
The art works were fabricated by using the method of Process art. Easily accessible and found objects were crafted to initially create quick temporal pieces that were then photographed and developed into sculptures and eventually installations. We have revisited this genre of work by contextualising the pieces reflecting and translating the original inspirations - dynamism, the machine age and all things modern. Some of the installations incorporate the integral architecture of the Print House Gallery building and explore the entirety of the space.

Printhouse Gallery is an intimate and exciting commercial space in the heart of Dalston. Our primary focus is to showcase a mixture of emerging and established contemporary artists across a variety of creative mediums. The ongoing aim for the gallery is to show work from a selection of artists we really believe in and want to share with you.

Printhouse Gallery differs slightly from other galleries. Whilst we are a commercial gallery space, we also aim to help the growth of social and creative enterprises. It is incredibly important to all of us involved that we find the time between major shows to support charity based organisations and education programmes.

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