Regent's Bench - 05-08 september 100h design challenge




Regent's Canal is appreciated by commuters, families and tourists. On one of its busiest stretches, from Broadway Market to Victoria Park, not a single bench can be found to rest or contemplate. That is why we’ll create a 100h challenge to build 10 iconic benches which we will place during LDF.

Regent's canal, one the most bucolic industrial vestiges of London's townscape is a booming and vibrant stretch of waterway appreciated by commuters, families, tourists and passers by. Surprisingly on one of its busiest stretches between broadway market and victoria park not a single bench can be found to rest or ponder peacefully : A conviviality opportunity missed a simple design solution could solve. Builder, artist, furniture expert or other talent, we are inviting 20 applicants to come and join us for a 100h challenge to create 10 iconic pieces based on a brief/concept and material set given by ermacora. The aim of this soft guerrilla action is to give an ephemeral and speculative twist to this loved public amenity during London Design Festival.

Please submit your application to letting us know what you do, your special skills, what you dream of doing, and as much as you like on who you are.


Thomas Ermacora is an urban designer and futurist, founder of regeneration outfit and curator-architect of cultural innovation gallery.

Hendzel + Hunt are a vibrant, young design studio based in South London, specialising in the manufacture and design of bespoke cabinets and furniture using reclaimed and sustainable materials.

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