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Ready Made Go 3 sees specially commissioned objects permanently installed at Ace Hotel London. Designers are given the opportunity to make real product for a popular public space whilst Ace Hotel adds to its growing accumulation of noteworthy designs by London’s best design talent.

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In 2015 & 2016, Modern Design Review magazine and Ace Hotel London collaborated to produced ‘Ready Made Go’ and 'Ready Made Go 2'. The highly successful projects saw a series of products specially commissioned from London designers, including Turner Prize winners Assemble Studio, Philippe Malouin, Studio Toogood, Studio Vit, Kellenberger-White, Tomás Alonso, Jochen Holz, Patternity and Hilda Hellström. All designs were made and installed for permanent use in Ace Hotel London.

On the occasion of the London Design Festival 2017, this successful collaborative concept is returning with a new collection of products.

The Ready Made Go concept is unusual in that it is not a temporary exhibition of objects; the products concerned are permanent additions to this busy East London hotel. The concept is beneficial to all involved; the designers are given the opportunity to make a real product for a popular public space whilst Ace Hotel adds to its growing accumulation of noteworthy designs by London’s best design talent. During the London Design Festival 2017 this third round of specially commissioned objects will be introduced and installed at Ace Hotel London. Rather than being displayed on plinths, the pieces are integrated into the fabric of the hotel and shown in the positions for which they were intended – London Design Festival attendees are invited to experience the products in use and in doing so contemplate their commission, making and function.

As previously, the Ready Made Go 3 project is conceived, commissioned and curated by London-based independent design magazine, Modern Design Review. Modern Design Review brings an editorial eye to the project and an experienced perspective on the cutting edge design scene in London.

Ready Made Go 3 will boast original works by a cross-section of London’s most exciting designers using the most sustainable material palette to date. Included in this years product list are; high stools, coffee tables, ceramic mugs and salt & pepper shakers.

For the third year running, Ace Hotel London will collaborate with Modern Design Review to present Ready Made Go 3, for the Shoreditch Design Triangle district of the London Design Festival. Five London-based designers have been commissioned to create objects and installations that will be integrated into the fabric of the hotel, positioned in-situ as per their intended design, used and enjoyed by festival attendees and hotel guests during the week and beyond.

With items ranging from small and practical everyday essentials to more ambitious larger installations that go beyond temporary exhibition pieces, all products are designed to serve a real purpose and address specific problems. Some of the items will be available to buy. With a significant focus on sustainability across the Ready Made Go 3 collection, this year’s designers include: Michael Marriott, Soft Baroque, James Shaw, Oscar Diaz and Ian McIntyre. As part of this year’s exhibition, James Shaw will also create a temporary installation entitled Plastic Primitive at the entrance of Ace Hotel London using his Plastic Baroque technique for the duration of London Design Festival.

As the main hub of the Shoreditch Design Triangle, Ace Hotel London is a central destination during the festival, boasting events from exhibition launches to live installations to specially designed party games..

General opening hours during London Design Festival:
Tuesday 19th September – Sunday 24th September
9am – 5.30pm

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